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Learning using artificial intelligence technologies such as deepmind are pushing into these areas. Deepmind ai is now at a point where it learned to play 45 different games without being told anything about the game. On intuition, creativity and strategy it has evolved to the point where. It applied creative strategy to beat lee sodol (the top player in the world) at alphago. In the book he also raises the idea that whatever. The answers are to the question of what makes us truly human will need to slowly change. He also sees the challenge with “ai” as managing and using. It to grow prosperity without leaving people without income or purpose.

The analogy that he uses? Thousands of years ago the athenian citizens of antiquity lived lives of leisure and meaning where they could enjoy democracy, art and games. This was due mainly to the fact that they had slaves to do the work. So max postulates “why not replace the slaves with ai powered robots, creating a digital utopia that everyone can enjoy?“. But there are some challenges for democracies and also culturally in how we approach and solve this. 

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It is about making sure that we don’t end up with the haves and have nots. And at the moment we are seeing the rise of inequality throughout the world. For the bottom 90% of us households the average net worth in 2012 is the same as 25 years Sri Lanka phone number ago (at $85,000). While the top 1% have more more than doubled it to $14 million. The 3 reasons for this from the learned economists? Replacing old jobs with ones that require more skills has rewarded the more educated. 

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They claim that since the year 2000, an ever larger share of corporate income has gone to those who own the companies as opposed to those that work there. The digital economy rewards the superstars over everyone else. How do we fix this rising inequality? This is a conversation we need to have. 3. The digital transformation playbook: rethink your business for the digital age in this book  david rogers’s looks at the critical categories for every business: customers, competition, data, innovation, and the value proposition in the digital world. Here are my key takeaways. Adapt your value proposition –  how can you adapt and how you can best deliver value as technologies reshape opportunities and needs. 

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This may mean finding new digital uses and customers for its current products. Eg. Encyclopaedia brittanica re-envisioned itself as an educational resource. The new york times has re-imagined what it means to be a news source. Harness customer networks – the intangible value of customer networks goes beyond the transactional value and the participation, data and collective knowledge are now a business asset and competitive advantage. These are the key drivers of the stock price for companies like facebook and linkedin. Yahoo paid $1 billion for tumblr because of its customer network and not its revenue. Revise and evolve your access strategy – be faster, easier, everywhere and always on for your customers. The real insight in the book that you need

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