To the Commercial Realization Panama Phone Number

To the commercial realization Panama Phone Number of content creators. Today, there are 340,000 weibo head users (users with a monthly reading. Of more than 100,000) and 15,000 super v (users with a monthly reading of more than 10 million). These top users earned 11.7 billion last year. Including 430 million in advertising endorsements, 470 million. In content Panama Phone Number payments (rewards, paid reading), and 10.8 billion. In e-commerce. Weibo also launched services. In the event that, as gold v certification to support short videos. Which includes providing multiple recommendation channels. Within web to the content producers of short videos, such as popular weibo. Video discovery streams, and post-play recommendation streams.

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As a concentration camp for content creators, miaopai has adopted a multi-pronged approach to support the realization of content. For example: 1. Us$100 million to support content startups: miaopai and sina weibo invested us$100 million in funds to support the short video industry. 2. Establish “miaopai creator platform”: video creators will Panama Phone Number able to complete multiple processes such as video uploading, video management, video promotion, and commercial monetization in one stop. In the event that, the same time, using the miaopai creator platform can Panama Phone Number obtain the unique identification provided by miaopai, and the videos produced by miaopai can be recommended first, thereby obtaining higher playback volume, popularity and advertising revenue.

SMD Advertising Sharing Panama Phone Number

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In the event that, for fixed-cast smds, the price Panama Phone Number will divided into quotations and traffic-based sharing. This sharing system will integrated into the creator platform. In the future, customers can complete self-service orders through the creator platform. You can directly see the benefits through the creator Panama Phone Number platform. Miaopai original author list: share the current month miaopai celebrity ranking list every month, and add vertical categories from the list in september, relying entirely on miaopai’s video traffic for ranking, providing creators and investors. Provide directions. Mobile video creation base: in september 2016, the first video creation base of xia technology was unveiled in shanghai.

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