To Retain Them, Strategies Need to Start From Personalization

Who are your customers and what benefit can motivate them to keep buying? One way to achieve this personalization is by allying with other brands that communicate with the same audience, exchanging benefits with each other. Thus, your company offers advantages to the other company’s customers, and vice versa. Both win, and so do consumers. Itaú and conectcar itaú and conectcar announce a partnership of benefits to customers in line with this personalization, the frequency with which you reward your customers is also a decisive factor for them to remain loyal to the brand, making it difficult to distance themselves.

In This Case, in Addition to the Benefits

The channel through which you must communicate also influences the results of the campaign. Studies show that e-mail is the preferred channel for consumers to receive communications from companies, across different generations. The following image shows a series of email shots by mattress brand orthocrin Accounting Directors Email Lists to a customer over the course of four months. Advertised benefits range from exclusive discounts and free shipping to rewards in partnership with another brand: emails from the mattress brand orthocrin offering regular rewards induces consumers to feel satisfied with the company and makes the brand stay in word of mouth among people .

Accounting Directors Email Lists

Enchantment the Enchantment Process

Related to the perception of value that the consumer has of the brand. It occurs due to a series of good practices that occur throughout the entire purchase journey. And is not limited to the price or solution that was offered. It has to do with the experience that was provided. Which starts with attracting the customer and goes all the way to after-sales. To delight a customer. It is essential to consider all the points of contact he has with the company and ensure that his satisfaction has been achieved. One delight strategy is to reward customers for completing surveys about their purchase journey.

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