That Have at Least One Offer to Promote Articles

On facebook. “no multiple topics” – maximum of 3 specialized topics. “target group” – this filter restricts the list of sites to those targeting. For example, women, citizens of medium-sized cities. Or business people. This data is entered by the white press team. Publisher writes content” – this presents sites that have at least one offer. In which the price Azerbaijan Phone Number includes the writing of the article by the publisher. “my last post” – this filter allows you to select sites. Where you have never posted anything for a particular project. Or where the last post was 6, 12, or 18 months ago or never.

Each Site Can

Be marked as a favorite. The list of favorite Azerbaijan Phone Number portals is common to all projects of a particular publisher. “recommended by the editorial office. It presents portals and blogs that have good promotions (eg on the front page) and have an attractive price. No pictures need” – this filter selects portals that do not require a picture to be added to the article. “pictures in content” – here you can specify the number of photos allowed in an article, from 1 to 5 or more than. Portals that have implemented the protocol are more reliable. Trust flow ”- this option filters sites that have a higher value for the trust flow. indicator than the defined one

Citation Flow

Azerbaijan Phone Number List

This option filters sites that have a Azerbaijan Phone Number higher value for this indicator than the defined one (a 1-100 indicator, defined by majestic). “min. Domain rating ”- the minimum value of the domain evaluation indicator (0-100) – an indicator from ahrefs , indicates the authority of the domain based on this tool “min. Page rating ”- the minimum value of page rating (0-100) – an indicator from ahrefs, indicates the strength of internal links it worth noting that sites cansort by the date they were add (with the oldest at the top of the list), by selected sem / seo indicators, by popularity or by price.

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