To Feeling That the Company Cares About

The experience they had, customers perceive an added value in the gift received. L’ oréal is an expert at this. For some time now, the french cosmetics multinational has started to focus its marketing strategies on retaining and enchanting its customers. And this happened, mainly, with the creation of l’oréal worth it rewards , a digital loyalty program focused on sharing. L’oréal worth it rewards the platform works with a points mechanism . Users who share l’oreal articles with friends earn 10 points per referral and 25 points for each product review written. Five points acquired in the loyalty program can be redeemed for a us$1 discount on branded products.

In This Way, It Encourages Consumers

Therefore, publicize the company on their own social networks and also receives important feedback about its products and services. With this, the brand can predict improvements based on the opinions of consumers engaged and delighted with the company. Once that happens, there are no limits to where the Risk Managers Email List brand can go. Therefore, minu: the right rewards marketing platform for your business you can understand that rewards marketing is essential for any business looking to stand out from the competition, right? Now that you know the main strategies for your sales funnel, the next step is to choose the ideal digital rewards platform for your business.

Risk Managers Email List

Minu Has Been Working

Therefore, over 13 years helping companies to relate to their customers through customized solutions for each business. Minu’s rewards marketplace is a platform built through alliances with leading companies. In it, you will find the ideal instant rewards for your customers and create mechanics that encourage them to purchase your products and services . Therefore, rewards marketplace on the minu platform, creating strategies using rewards marketing becomes much easier and more democratic with a wide catalog of available offers.

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