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So, what is Parasite SEO? With Parasite SEO, instead of taking the normal route to ranking on page one, where you have to build your backlink profile slowly and steadily, you take a shortcut by leveraging the domain authority of another site. Taking advantage of other sites that are perfectly optimized and already have tons of backlinks can make it easier for you to rank on page one for a variety of topics. One of the most popular parasite SEO tactics is guest posting. Sure, you could focus on publishing content on your website, optimize it, and promote it. 

But, most probably your SEO stats pale in comparison to those registered by information hubs or authoritative websites. Think about it for a second, let’s imagine you are a burger restaurant in Sydney and you want to rank for the term “best burger restaurant in Sydney”… that is going to be near-on impossible for a small website. But could you get featured on Broadsheet or Timeout, the two top ranking domains for this term? Your chances are much higher. 2. Multi-touch marketing A multi-touch marketing campaign will hit your target audience with a consistent message presented in multiple formats. 

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This marketing method allows you to increase your reach by targeting different segments at different times. You could simply develop a social media campaign to promote your brand. But, that doesn’t mean that you should limit your message just to Belgium phone number social media channels. You could also use that same messaging in your email marketing, SEO, remarketing ads, blog posts, or even physical mailout flyers! Here’s the thing: one paid ad won’t do much in isolation; the key is to create consistent and sustainable brand recognition across multiple channels. 

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Have you ever felt like a company was following you around online? You get an email from them, see a social media post, read a blog, see a banner ad, see them in search ads, they’ve even taken over your Facebook feed and are popping up at the start of YouTube videos! After a while, you have no choice but to consider what they have to offer. Here is a snapshot of this in action from global job site Indeed: 3. Redirect exit-intent popups An exit-intent popup is a simple widget that shows up when a user is trying to leave a page on your website. It’s a great way to re-engage with someone just as they’re about to leave and try to convince them to stay and keep reading or opt into your subscriber list.

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 Most people use this opportunity to grow their email list, but there is way more that you can do with it. You could use this marketing tactic to give your prospects the right incentive and persuade them to give your content a second chance. You could offer special discounts, vouchers, access to free content, and so on. Make sure that the offer has an element of exclusivity to it and is compelling enough to keep people browsing or sign up for your service. Here is an example of this tactic being used by SaaS product FlypChart to encourage trial signups: 4.

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