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Whose world do you want to change? Why do you want to change these people’s world? What are you going to do to make this happen? Where are the people you are going to change the world from? Who are they? Once these questions are answered and this stage is defined, we will be starting to shape our company’s strategic marketing . With it, we will reach the third stage. 3. Clothes marketing clothing to find your company’s clothing , you need to answer the following questions: how does your company want to be seen ? How will she present herself? What is the identity that reveals the concept as the brand should be understood? 4.

Attitude Marketing Attitude Here

We go one step further and answer the following questions to define the attitude we will have: what do you do ? Why do? How are you going to tell this to win people over? What is your company’s temperament and voice ? Subjects are interesting to your audience? What does your audience think about these Chief VP Operations Email Lists¬†subjects? What causes does your company support? Because? What is your company against? How do you position yourself on world affairs? How do you fit into them? 5. Where do you go marketing channels this step refers to the channels where you will find your audience , whether they are digital or not. To complete it, you must answer the following questions: in which channels will your company find the ideal customer?

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These channels? How will your company get closer to those who need it? 6. Introduce yourself marketing communication now that you’ve landed on the right channels, you need to introduce yourself to your audience. How will you do it? What are the stories you will tell them that will make them connect with your brand ? How will you get to know your audience and generate a link with them? What will you say to make yourself relevant ? How much effort will you make to earn their trust ? Does your company have what it takes? 7. Enchant marketing relationship this step is meant to warm up the relationship you’ve created with the people you’ve introduced yourself to.

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