This represents the total sales of our product in the market

Finance? At inesem we have the master’s degree in financial economic management.the bcg matrix developed in the seventies by the prestigious consulting firm boston consulting group , which gives its name to it, has become an essential tool for strategic management. In addition, It is an ideal instrument to determine the status and potential of the different products and strategic business units offered by a company. Thanks to the bcg matrix and catalog analysis, we can determine the most profitable products and what strategy to apply for each reference. In this way we can monitor the performance of our products and make a more efficient distribution of resources to promote them. Assessing the attractiveness of our portfolio will also help us improve the sales techniques to apply to it. How is a bcg array made?

It is an ideal instrument to

The bcg matrix is ​​relatively easy to design and understand. This proposes an analysis of the products based on two fundamental perspectives or axes: vertical axis representing the growth rate of the market . In addition, That is, the demand for a product in the market. Horizontal axis representing Latvia Phone Number market share or share . This represents the total sales of our product in the market. These perpendicular axes give rise to four quadrants, which represent the four states or phases in which a product can be found.

This represents the total sales of

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This representation can help us determine which phase of the product life cycle the product is in. In addition, Thanks to the bcg matrix and its composition, we can easily establish the most recommended strategy to carry out. Based on these quadrants, we will represent a type of product with the following figures: a star, a cow, a dog or a question mark. The bcg matrix and the four types of products it represents the bcg matrix is ​​a highly intuitive tool through which we can quickly identify the characteristics of a product based on the following classification:

inesem business school course in business administration and management (university degree with 5 ects credits) more information star product: they are theoretically the most interesting products and in which we must invest to preserve. These are products that show high growth and also in which we are representing a significant market share in terms of sales. They are the

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