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This misjudgment made me realize Portugal Phone Number that my old knowledge. Was seriously out of touch with reality. At that time, the framework and individual stock coverage of banking research had basically completed. So i freed up time Portugal Phone Number and energy to return to internet .finance research. But just because the “money shortage” took up my research. Energy, i still didn’t quickly put my energy into internet finance. It was not until february 2014 that my first research. A report on internet finance, “on the internet: the monetary .economics of yu’e bao”, came out. The report was quickly reprinted by the shanghai. Securities news in its entirety. Because the article put forward a new point of view.

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At that time, the total amount of yu’ebao had Portugal Phone Number exceeded 400 billion yuan. And the public opinion circles began to talk about yu’ebao eroding bank deposits. However, since money market funds are also tools. Their funds will still deposited back into banks, but their deposit interest rates are indeed higher than that Portugal Phone Number of resident deposits. But if money market funds buy corporate bonds, the funds flow to the company and then deposit back to the bank, which is still a low-cost deposit. Therefore, to say that deposits have been lost substantially is basically alarmist. The following month, the people’s bank of china suspended alipay.

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Code payment pilots, and i released my first Portugal Phone Number research report on the payment industry, “life and death: the challenge of internet thinking behind the payment market supervision problem”. The payment industry is Portugal Phone Number my old business, and i found that even though i have been away for more than two years, i can still explain the affairs of the payment industry clearly. Marked by these two reports, i have officially returned to the field of internet finance. However, due to leaving unionpay data for more than two years, the industry is changing with each passing day, and there are still some new situations that cannot keep up, so a process of making up for it has begun.

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