This means looking at the top performing content for the keyword

you optimized for and seeing what ranks on the first page of the SERPs. Take a look at what they’re discussing and note any additional content they’re missing that you could add to your post. You never, ever want to plagiarize, but getting some inspiration to go beyond what they offer is a solid strategy. Think of Facebook marketing, for example. Two years ago, I wrote a blog post about the “new” Facebook canvas ads: Screenshot 2020 03 02 at 2.27.07 AM Within six months it was out of date. Canvases are now called “Instant Experiences” and come with a long list of new features that weren’t available a few months ago. The older post was irrelevant and a great example of an update candidate. Consider changing the keywords Sometimes updating previous posts means you will also need to re-optimize the post for new keywords.

The popularity of keywords can increase or decrease.

Therefore, an initial trending keyword may no longer have the same type of traffic as it originally did. This is especially common with trending keywords, but it can happen with any term. You can use a tool like SEMrush to track a keyword’s popularity over time: Screen Norway Phone Number Shot 2020 03 02 at 2.32.05 AM If you think the keyword itself is the problem, see how its performance has been over the past twelve months and research other potential terms that might perform better in place of or in addition to the previously chosen term. Another tool is Brian Dean and Josh Howarth’s new Exploding

Topics tool which “scours the internet to find explosive trends before they take off”:

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Explosive topics Dive Deeper: SEO for eCommerce Sites (Beginner and Intermediate) Write new content for high-performing keywords Is your older content completely outdated or no longer relevant for some high performing keywords? Maybe several years ago, for example, you wrote a blog post about coconut oil not being so healthy to cook with, targeting the keyword “coconut oil.” So you can delete this post, replace it with “health benefits of coconut oil”, and again for the same optimize keyword.

There are many angles you can take on a single keyword, especially when it comes to short-tail keywords. Take advantage of this and replace old content with newer content that has the ability to perform better and be more relevant so you don’t miss out on high-potential searches. Dive Deeper: SEO Keyword Research Made Easy in 2021 Get more links to main content When updating your posts, it can be helpful to focus on link building campaigns designed to give them an extra boost. If you write guest posts for other sites, try to prioritize links to one of the recently updated posts that need an extra SEO boost.

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