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Example of advertiser who recently changed their USPs. 4. Ad extensions Smartly tweaking ad extensions can be an easy way to quickly increase your CTR. You can also easily set this up at account level, so you can easily apply a little finesse Norway WhatsApp Number List to all your extensions. Think of adjustments in your ‘Highlight extensions’ (example: ‘Safe home delivery: especially now or in one of your ‘Sitelink extensions example: ‘View all your questions about our Corona approach. 5. VP lost (or sub-variant) At different levels you can see whether you have lost or gained market share.

Using The From Outside Model

This means that you have been shown less in a specific place in the auction. Google Ads uses three different tiers here: lost impressions, lost impressions for top position, and lost impressions for the absolute top position. Previously, we looked at the average position as a separate statistic. With these statistics, you can clearly see whether you have been shown more or less in specific positions within the search ads. The example below shows an image of an advertiser who has suddenly obtained much better positions in a specific segment.

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From Outside Model

Under the heading auction insights I will explain how you can tell if this is the result of a possible competitor that has dropped out. 5. VP lost (or sub-variant) 6. Average CPC One of the most important indicators of a changed auction is, of course, the average CPC. I hereby assume the situation in which the user has not made specific adjustments to his bids and an algorithm that has not started bidding or bidding on the basis of volumes and market movements. (Logically, that often happens). Below you can see a nice example in Google Ads of an average CPC that has dropped significantly. The green arrow marks the period in which the first measures came into effect. Keeping track of your CPC.

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