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Then you quickly arrive at accessible scorecards in which the three to six most. Important measurement indicators are listed in one or two slides in a row. Especially visually and with clear cues whether things are going well or not. But beware: too many Brazil WhatsApp Number List colors and shapes distract the brain! Behavioral psychologist and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman already taught us that there are two systems of thought. Brain system 1: is influenced by trends, images and runs on emotion. Brain system 2: is more analytical and rational in nature, but takes time.

What Your Cookie

The ‘fast’ system is often on by default and often beats the ‘slow’ system. So get rid of the long, only numerical management reports with countless graphs if you have to tell your story in a compelling way in a short period of time. An overview of the figures of an organization Management Summary (bron: Meltwater) Ensure regularity and report action It also involves good regularity of communication, so that it becomes a permanent part of the work. Draw up specific action points. Focus on the trends and don’t get too distracte from the norms themselve.


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Ask yourself the following questions: What do we see happening across the board? Are we doing better than the period before? What are we going to do to make it even better? What helps here is to speak in terms of: ‘Where do we see communication opportunities?’ This in the context of the communication ambition that you pursue. A report then instinctively becomes something that benefits the organization. Instead of a document on which people are held accountable.

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