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In 2016, a digital business named commonbound used big data to improve their student lending platform. They used data-derived insights to better connect students and graduates with alumni investors and accomplished professionals. With their help, students were able to save thousands of dollars on their repayments. The fortune 500 company netflix used data and analytics to study international viewing habits last year. 

Thanks to their insights, they were able to purchase and create programming that’s more easily embraced by large audiences. Walmart also spent time analyzing big data last year to forecast demand for emergency supplies. When this year’s hurricanes struck, walmart used big data to inform their supply chain so it could both meet and anticipate demands. The retail corporation was able to keep products fresh and fill their shelves based on the information they collected the previous year. Making the change whether you’re a small entrepreneurial venture or a large, established company, you need to use big data. 

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Overall, being a data-driven organization takes more planning than being an insight-driven organization, but it’s so worth it. (no offense, oprah.) developing the right infrastructure or implementing the right tool that will help you Venezuela phone number create valuable insights from your data will allow you to compete like never before. Right now, whether you realize it or not, you’re probably collecting valuable data that can be used to improve your operations. All you need to do is to identify some objectives and get to work deriving targeted insights from your data. 

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Now, it’s time to hear what you think! Are you currently using data to inform your business decisions? If so, what are your results? For those not yet using data to drive insights, what’s holding you back? I’m excited to start a conversation with you in  the comments section below. Guest author: lucas miller is a freelance copywriter and founder of echelon copy. When not writing, tweeting or attempting to play pickup basketball, he’s working tirelessly to perfect what he claims is the “world’s greatest pompadour.” to get more tips on how to start your own six-figure freelance copywriting business, join his free newsletter.Photo contests have only

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