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And nobody’s doing that. This is what the instagress dashboard looked like: social media guide free download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for business first name * email * download now so why did instagress shut down? It’s the one question that has been trending across social media platforms for a month. Some say it was because the name had the word ‘insta’ in it; others linked it to the fact that the company breached instagram’s terms of service. The truth is, we may never know the exact reason. But the key takeaway from the collapse of instagress is that paid follower growth isn’t going anywhere.

Yes, that may sound contrary. But let me tell you why. Marketing will always be marketing. And what all marketers want to do at the end of the day is reach as many members of their target audience as possible while spending the minimum amount possible. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but organic reach on social media is dead. Most content goes nowhere and gets zero shares on its own. Think about it. There are 500 million users on instagram alone. That makes it bigger than the entire population of the usa! It means standing out on social media is not easy. Changes to google’s search results pages have further obscured organic content, especially on competitive commercial searches, and the typical internet marketing conversion rate is less than 1%. 

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Content doesn’t go viral on instagram just because there are a lot of people on it. It goes viral because all of those 500 million people are connected to each other through one platform and they share whatever catches their attention. It’s a domino effect, and I Tunisia phone number would argue that it’s only really possible through paid acquisition and automation. But why do I need bots? If you’re still thinking, I can just engage with as many people as possible, as frequently as possible, across the necessary platforms, then you’re still not thinking big enough. 

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In the instance that your instagram account experiences a high level of activity – I’m talking literally thousands upon thousands of comments and shares – it would take you all day and all night to respond, and then some. Sure, you might have a social media specialist in-house to take care of: sharing comments sharing likes following people responding to direct messages exchanging shout-outs for shout-outs but a web service like instagress can take care of a lot of this for you. 

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Imagine the money you will save per year if you outsource your account activity and process of engagement, and have your social media specialist focus more on creating killer content – the kind that commands attention and keeps it. Here are a couple of instagram accounts that do a great job of branding themselves with content. And check out their follower counts! They may be organic… but I have an inkling they’re not. Without a doubt, automation is the way forward for all marketers. It is a form of marketing that, when used correctly, can increase efficiency by a significant margin, and make all the difference between floating and floundering for your business.

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