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But you can also let Python do completely other things, such as cleaning up your desktop or running your Instagram account. You can also build entire websites with it. The limit is your creativity. In my opinion, I have gained the South Africa WhatsApp Number List most gains from creating reports with Python. As a marketer you sometimes spend an awfully long time searching through CSV reports, comparing them with reports from previous periods and then you also have to make them clear. Now this is not the biggest problem in the world, but still I always feel that this could be better. In my position at Signable I had the opportunity to immerse myself in Python and now I only make my reports with Python. I use the time saved with this to work on nicer things, such as this article.

Indeed Possible To Link Big

Now deep learning is not something you put together with two fingers in your nose during your first project on Python. But it’s more accessible than you think. Uber recently released a free deep learning program called Ludwig . And as I wrote earlier in the article, this program is just like an app on your phone, offering completely new features to get started with. In this case deep learning. The simple explanation for using this program is: you give Ludwig the correct csv file, you indicate what you want to predict with this data and Ludwig will get to work for you. An extensive explanation.

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Automate Yet another example of what you can do with Python is to automate, for example, social media channels. If you ever wonder how anyone makes Instagram bots, Python is the answer! Now creating a bot is a very big blackhat method in marketing. I will therefore never recommend using a bot for Instagram. Under the guise of “what can you do with Python?”, I found an interesting application of an Instagram bot in this video . Here, with advice from GaryVee, someone is creating an Instagram bot to grow organic followers.

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