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There are too many products, no matter Chile Phone Number whether they are good or bad, and some have reached the point of flooding. It is really difficult to sell good products. Even if a product has created a reputation, there will be counterfeiting. However, will the internet celebrity economy become so hot? This is because the new “consumption relationship” is forming a three-way relationship: manufacturers refer to Chile Phone Number those who operate the production process and focus on the production of products, such as factories. Circulators refer to those who manage the circulation of products, with channels as the core, such as express delivery companies. Consumers, etc.

With the Core Chile Phone Number

Of guiding consumers to buy, such as Chile Phone Number self-media, internet v, celebrities, internet celebrities, and models. Internet celebrity. That’s how it was born, it’s actually replacing traditional dealers. Now, every producer is thinking about this: how to own and lock consumers? The focus of economic activities has entered Chile Phone Number the consumer side, and who can own and lock consumers has become the most critical issue. This aspect used to rely on traditional dealers. Although they once dominated and operated the market, of course they also needed a lot of money to get the goods. And now it has been eliminated. Those who have a large number.

Can Influence Consumption Chile Phone Number

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Simply by sharing the effect of Chile Phone Number using the product with more people. Even bigger, you can cooperate with fans to customize products to manufacturers. They became a channel to target consumers. In the final analysis, it is because: the initiative of consumers has become larger! Develop your own product as an Chile Phone Number ordinary person, developing your own product sounds so incredible. This is a fashion brand with customization as the core, and it will become more competitive as the post-95s gradually become the main shopping force. At the same time, if there are consumers who really like it, they can also click one-click to share, send it to their wechat, weibo, qq space, etc.

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