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On the other hand, three do not apply. Cause: a topic that is drawing attention in the world in the case of topical search words. There may be a temporary change in the search ranking. For example, in the case of the search word new coronavirus. The article of the ministry of health. Labor and welfare is posted at the top of the search. In order to give Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List priority to the latest information and accurate information. Google “new coronavirus” search results in particular. Regarding pages called ymyl (your money or your life) that affect people’s money and life. Such as health and finance, reliability and accuracy. Are more important than in other fields, so public institutions.

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Information will post at the top. Please Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List see this article for the background of ymyl. What is the concept of content “ymyl” where seo measures are important? Cause: impact of google bugs google’s search accuracy is improving day by day. However, sometimes google itself has a problem. In 2018, due to a bug in google, the search ranking actually changed on a large scale. An example was a sudden ranking of a site that wasn’t previously ranked high in search results. Please see this article for the situation and impact at that time. About the big change in ranking on august 11, 2020! Index system problem detected what is a site evaluated by google? Google has its own rating criteria for content called eat .

Expertise Authoritativeness Trust

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

Worthiness it a word express by taking Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List the above three acronyms. Next, i will explain the reason why the evaluation stand call eat was establish. Background where eat was important in the 2000s, spam-like methods. Such as stuffing search keywords and installing a large number of external links were effective. Also, even in fields that require specialization and reliability, such as medical care, health, finance, and law, it difficult to scrutinize with the accuracy of the search algorithm at that time, and incorrect or unreliable information rank high in the search. May display in. Therefore, google has made repeated updates so that it can evaluate “quality of content”, established an evaluation standard called eat, and began to evaluate sites that post useful and reliable information for users.

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