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With this new property, Google gives the user more analytics options so that the entire analytics package better fits the different needs of the users. In October 2020, Google chose to rebrand App Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Web was mainly introduced Bahamas WhatsApp Number List as a new kind of property. The current update has been marketed as the new, improved version of Google Analytics. More data for a more extensive customer journey Mapping the different steps of the customer journey is one of the most important tasks for most marketers. Where the customer journey used to be a linear process, it is now much more dynamic and fragmented.

Again In A Separate Report

Because consumers have online access to just about all information. The number of touchpoints has increased significantly in recent years. An analysis of internal data at Google has shown that a journey for leasing a car can now consist of more than 900 touchpoints. Besides the longer and more complex journeys. These are also much more often cross-device (75%) compared to the past. In addition, responsible data collection and user privacy online are playing an increasingly important role. This makes it more difficult to get a complete picture of the customer.


A Separate Report

To keep Analytics relevant, Google has a big responsibility to keep up with the market. Google answers the above trends with the new possibilities of the App Web Property. By rebranding to Google Analytics 4, Google also makes it clear that this will be the new Analytics that everyone should use. Let me first take you through some of the new features of GA4. Customer journey for buying a car. Event tracking without tag implementation, including cross-device Google is moving away from measuring sessions and focuses on events. In this way it makes future-proof (and especially privacy-oriented) data collection possible.

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