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The time cost for users to find a car is too high. The mobike is more high-end. Which is used to see the location. Of the car and make an appointment. The time limit for Malta Phone Number making an appointment is 15 minutes. When a user makes an appointment. Other people will not be able to use the car when they see it. Once the Malta Phone Number user who made the appointment does not use the car in the end, the car will be wasted for 15 minutes. Which will undoubtedly reduce efficiency during peak hours. In addition, the user may not find the location of the car. Due to the inaccuracy of the gps that comes with the car.

Another Point Is Malta Phone Number

That the car is privately occupied. For example, the Malta Phone Number is placed in a closed community. If the user walks near the car and finds a problem, he has to find it again. These situations will increase the user’s time Malta Phone Number energy to find a car, and reduce the user experience and the efficiency of using the car. The interaction between the car and the app . The mobike’s car comes with high-tech equipment, and there will be various problems in the interaction between the car and the app. The bicycle itself is easily damaged, and the high-tech equipment on the bicycle will also fail.

Once the Failure Malta Phone Number

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Occurs, the user does not know it, so Malta Phone Number there will be interaction problems. For example, the lock cannot be opened. What should i do if the lock is not unlocked after waiting for 90 seconds? Can you Malta Phone Number wait any longer? Or looking for the next car? The same is true for locking the car. The user does not know whether the car has been locked successfully. If it fails, will it keep deducting money? At present, mobike has no good solution for these two points. High-tech bicycles are a good direction, but at present, smart devices are not yet mature, and the probability of problems is still not small.

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