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The stuff i learned in middle school is Uruguay Phone Number out of date. All the computers in the computer room use windows 95. And i can only use uc-dos. But it’s alright, just keep going. Getting started soon. In addition to basic knowledge, the computer courses arranged by the school also include visual foxpro, which is the Uruguay Phone Number cute little fox. The grammar is basically based on basic. I later learned that renmin university, which focuses on humanities and social sciences. Has a very powerful database discipline in the department. Of computer science. Later, i also taught myself the c language. Which is more efficient than basic.

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In network technology, taking Uruguay Phone Number electives and reading books for self-study. Of course, after i started working, i found that the most used office was actually office, especially word, excel, and powerpoint. In the end, instead of becoming a yard worker, i became a cousin, a brother who worked with excel Uruguay Phone Number spreadsheets all day. In september 2000, shortly after registering at the school, i went to the china merchants bank branch opposite the school to get a card with my classmates. The classmate said that this card can “pay online”. First of all, we need to apply for a “one netcom” account, which is an account without a physical card.

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Uruguay phone number

To pay, you must first transfer the Uruguay Phone Number money from all-in-one card to all-in-one netcom. A financial veteran’s decade of internet finance then, i made my first online payment at the internet cafe outside the south gate of the school—you read that right, in the internet cafe, with no security at all, i made my first Uruguay Phone Number online payment. In fact, if you think about it, there were very few people who knew about online payment at that time, so of course there were even fewer bad people who knew about online payment… What a pure online world. But this online payment is not my first online shopping.

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