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This makes the company more competitive. The presentation of the results should therefore remove all doubt and uncertainty about the reliability. Debrief Another meeting will be organized after the research project has been completed. There the Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List parties involved discuss the procedure. Lessons learned and points for improvement are listed and sometimes additional information is provided. This preferably happens soon after completion of the project, so that the whole is still fresh in everyone’s memory. From knowledge project to knowledge.

The Registration Process

Gathering knowledge within the frameworks For those who have come to think that acquiring knowledge leads to espionage practices, the last chapter offers relief. It is about compliance and ethics. In other words: on the one hand you must comply with laws and regulations. On the other hand, you also conform to norms and values. The first seems easy. After all, laws describe what is and is not allowed. Almost black-on-white. In ethics, however, you have fifty shades of grey. What can and can’t you make? To answer that question, there is a simple check.

Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List

Registration Process

Would you like to see that practice on the front page of the newspaper? Or on the home page? Or trending on Twitter? If your answer is no, it probably won’t pass. Then you better not do it. The writer’s message is reassuring that he has never needed this in his long career. Of course, you can think of a violation of privacy or copyright. But competition law can also be violated by, for example, price agreements. Sometimes it even goes as far as stealing company secrets. In the book you will find a list of examples of unchaste practices. Not intended as tips & tricks.

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