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For something to be recognized as an SEO certification Does there have to be a quiz test that you can pass or fail. If you pass the quiz test, the course provider must provide you with proof of your achievement — usually in the form of a certificate or badge. It could look like this Is there an SEO certification from Google? In a way, yes. Google offers a free Digital Marketing Fundamentals certification through the Google Digital Garage. It has 26 modules, around 14 hours of material, and covers many aspects of digital marketing — three of which are dedicate solely to SEO . The course is recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and the Open University . Google also offers SEO Fundamentals certification through the Digital Garage.

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It’s free, contains around 2.5 hours of Kazakhstan phone number material, covers the four main aspects of SEO on page, off page, keyword research, technical SEO and was developd by the University of California, Davis . If you want to learn Google Analytics, there is also the Google Analytics Certification . Here you can find out more about how to pass the individual qualification test and where to find your certificate. Why SEO certifications are probably not worth it If you nee an SEO certificate for your resume and LinkedIn to get job offers, I have bad news for you Most employers don’t care about SEO certificates . How do we know? We asked 15 SEO recruiters about the skills and requirements they felt are important when hiring an SEO specialist. 86 said SEO certifications aren’t important important.

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But that’s not the only reason why SEO certifications are probably not worth it for most. Here are a few more SEO certifications are not a guarantee of good SEO education Getting an SEO certificate doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve learned anything useful. It just means you’ve learned something . So don’t let the allure of a certificate put you off when learning SEO. If the syllabus doesn’t seem to be helpful, leave it alone. SEO certifications only give you theory, not practical skills If you want to become an SEO expert, I advise you to create a website as soon as possible after learning the basics of SEO. Because you won’t get far with theoretical knowledge. Getting your hands dirty trying to rank a website will teach you more than an SEO certification.


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