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Follow your passion” is probably one of the oldest-known pieces of advice for business success.  If you genuinely love what you’re doing. Then you’re less likely to run out of drive in the long run. You’ll also be naturally inclined to take opportunities that will help you grow. But what if your passion is spending hours scrolling through your news feed. Reacting to posts from people you don’t even know personally? What if your passion is social media?

To some people. Building a social media network with thousands of connections is nothing more than an act of vanity. While it makes sense for businesses. There’s no real reason for individuals to have thousands of friends on facebook – right? Well. If you can shrug off the privacy and security concerns of being connected to people you don’t know. You can actually leverage your social media reach to generate some profits. Let me drop you a quick list of the monetization strategies you can use on social media. Build yourself as an influencer and promote products or content related to your niche.

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Sell products from marketplaces like amazon and earn a commission per sale. Get paid to create reviews or post mentions of other brands. Sell products directly on social media networks. Leverage your social media presence for a full-on ecommerce site. These may all look intimidating at first. But with the right approach, you can actually accomplish Jamaica phone number these without large capital or a team of experts by your side. Got your attention? Then let’s get started. Social media guide free download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for business first name * email * download now step 1 – define your niche if your friends’ list grew naturally without your active effort, other users probably saw something valuable from your personal brand. 

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Your physical appearance, of course, could be a small factor. But it most likely has something to do with the content you share. This depends on the platform you’re using. For example, if you have an established network on instagram and you mostly post photos of food, then your follower base is probably interested in seeing more of them in the future. In most cases, the niche you’re recognized in should be glaringly obvious. You can also define it further by inspecting which of your posts garnered the most engagement. Some networks have built-in analytics to help you determine your most popular posts. For example, if you’ve already built an official facebook page, then you should have access to the “insights” tab.

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 In any case, embracing a niche that already resonates with your existing follower base will prove to be beneficial for your would-be business. For one, your audience should be more receptive when you share curated posts, branded content, or product promotions in the future. This leads us to the next step… step 2 – build your social media presence as an aspiring social media entrepreneur, your reach and authority are your biggest assets. They directly impact your brand’s discoverability, follower growth, and your

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