The past two releases of SEO Premium saw the introduction and expansion of our new crawl settings

One of the advantages of the complex word assessment is that it’s actionable. We can mark words that are complex according to our definition. The  words we recognize as complex are, for the most part, complicated words that you might want to reconsider. By marking them in the text, you can easily change these to a more common alternative.

Of course, some words aren’t that difficult, but we still highlight them.  Also, you might be in a situation where your keyphrase is considere a complex word. In rare cases, you might get a bit of duality in the feedback. That is one of the reasons we’re releasing the word complexity feature in Yoast SEO Premium beta and for English only.

Flesch Reading Ease score moved to Insights tab



In SEO 19.3, you’ll notice that the  Flesch Reading Ease score is no longer available in the readability section as it’s been replaced by the word complexity South Korea Mobile Number feedback. We haven’t removed it, but we’ve moved it to the Insights tab. Here, you’ll find the score and some other excellent insights into your content, like the word count, reading time, and the prominent words feature.

In the SEO Insights tab, you can find more information about your article

Enhancement to the crawl settings


South Korea Mobile Number
South Korea Mobile Number

The past two releases of SEO Premium saw the introduction and expansion of our new crawl settings. With these crawl settings, you can get better control over what search engines crawl and don’t crawl on your site. This is designed to help you decrease the baggage that WordPress comes with out of the box.

We’re not done with the crawl settings because we have many ideas to improve and expand these. In Yoast SEO Premium 18.9, we’re improving the handling of RSS feeds. We now add canonical HTTP headers from RSS feeds to their parent URLs (for instance, your homepage or specific categories or tags), so the feeds are less likely to appear in search results. Update now to SEO This is just a sampling of the changes and fixes to SEO 19.3. We have structured data updates, a new word complexity assessment in SEO Premium 18.9, improvements to the crawl settings, and more. Go download it now!

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