The Page That Left the Page Does Not Know

The browsing start time, and the stay time cannot be measured. In addition, the staying time is counted as 0 seconds for the bounced page . Referrer (reference source) it shows where the user came from the page before reaching the website. In other words, it is the page of the link source that you were looking at just before the inflow. Web marketing terms to remember cv (conversion) a goal or final outcome of a website. There are various Iceland Phone Number List definitions of conversion settings, for example: -inquiries from the site inquiry form -purchase of products on the ec site – member registration on the information providing site -recruitment application on the recruitment site, etc.

The Challenge in Marketing

How to efficiently earn and maximize Iceland Phone Number List conversions. However, if the number of conversions is small, data may be insufficient and access analysis may be difficult, so if there are too few conversions in website operation, first set a goal that is easy to achieve as a conversion point. Conversion rate cvr (conversion rate) the ratio of how many people converted to the number of accesses. Cvr (%) number of people who converted number of website visits (sessions) x 100 . Segment a literal translation is a word that means part, fragment, division, etc. When use in web analytics, etc. Setting specific conditions to narrow down the informationcall segmentation (or “segmentation”).

It Is Possible to Analyze

Iceland Phone Number List

For example, access from Iceland Phone Number List various perspectives such as “users who have converted”, “inflow from keyword search”, and “smartphone users”. Lp (landing page) the landing page (lp) has two meanings. (1) the page that the user first accessed after performing an advertisement or keyword search. In this case, it literally refers to the page visited (landed) by the user. It use as a term for access analysis. Vertical web page that create for advertising measures. Such as campaigns and complete in one page. Generally, lp in the web industry means this. A vertically long page with a large amount of information. Since there are few links to other pages, it is easy to lead to conversion.

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