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In places such as the number and service of municipal Lithuania Phone Numberhave been relatively complete. There are several differences between the two. Municipal bicycles usually parked in the form of parking piles, and the staff will often dispatch bicycles in each parking pile. Ofo, on the other hand, parks anywhere, and currently there Lithuania Phone Number large-scale scheduling. Municipal bicycles use citizen cards and subway cards instead of apps. Naturally, there are no online functions and high-tech on bicycles. Therefore, ofo’s development is more imaginative. Is bicycle rental a strong demand or a pseudo demand? This is the most important point, there are countless pseudo-demands that are hyped by investment. When users are “served” because of hot spots, subsidies, etc.

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To calm after the funds burned out. After the Lithuania Phone Number rental appeared, there were a lot of questioning voices, such as why should i ride a bicycle, why don’t i buy a car myself. In my opinion, bicycle rental is a strong demand, that is, the scene of short-distance travel. Here, the scope the service of big cities, and the specific Lithuania Phone Number scenarios and user needs of bicycle rental analyzed. The core scenario of bicycle rental is travel less than 3 kilometers, that is, the journey that is too slow to walk or too expensive to take a taxi . The scene subdivided into two categories, one commuting, going to school, going shopping, etc. Usually from the subway station to the company and other specific locations.

This Sub-Scenario Lithuania Phone Number

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Lithuania phone number

Has high frequency, fixed lines, and a large Lithuania Phone Number number of people, so the demand pool is large. Another category is a variety of temporary situations, in which users naturally pursue the fastest and most convenient way. Before the advent of Lithuania Phone Number most of the travel in this scenario was by taxi or black taxi. However, a two-kilometer taxi generally costs 7 to 10 yuan, which is too expensive for commuting to get off work every day, and it may not be possible to get a taxi. When the distance is slightly longer, the walk is too slow. Buses have to wait and do not necessarily have lines, which take longer than bicycles.

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