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They’re not just your subscriber – they’re a new community member, so let them know! Ryan robinson, a content marketing consultant shared his take on this tactic here. He says: “to be an effective email marketer, you need to build meaningful connections with your audience. Substitute ‘subscriber’ for ‘community member’ and everything about your interaction style with your community members will change – you’re humanizing them and that’ll significantly help you in building stronger connections.” always ask subscribers if they’d like to follow you on social channels and let them know there is more than one way to connect with you. 3. Display testimonials testimonials are a great way to show your authority and can also help improve your conversion rate. 

89% of b2b marketers consider customer testimonials to be the top content marketing tactic. It’s wise to publish your customer testimonials on your ‘thank you’ page to let your new prospective customers know that they can trust you. Don’t forget to publish them on social media as well. Image source: kissmetrics 4. Ask for referrals you probably already know that referrals can help grow your business. After all, business is all about networking. If you’re wondering how to get one, your satisfied customers are the solution. 

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Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to help you! If they like what you do, they will. A ‘thank you’ page is actually a neat place to publish a request for referrals. Roboform provides a great example on their page. Take a look. Image source: impact 5. Send a ‘thank you’ email once a user subscribes to your newsletters or any service, they should receive Ghana phone number an automated ‘thank you’ email to let them know that the sign-up has actually worked. But don’t make it boring or generic! You convinced them to sign-up, now it’s time to entertain them. Use some creative, humorous or unique language in your automated ‘thank you’ message. Did you know welcome emails have 320% more revenue per email than other marketing emails? This is the first conversation with your new subscribers. 

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Make it fun and actionable. Place a clear call-to-action in it which tells them what to do next. See naturebox offering two free snack bags for subscribers in their welcome email below. 6. Place the word ‘thank you’ in your email correspondence you should use the words ‘thank you’ in your email subject lines wherever applicable to make your message stand out in your subscriber’s inbox. According to research collated by hubspot, email subject lines that include the words ‘thank you’ have the highest above-average engagement levels. 7.

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Send ‘thank you’ messages to subscribers who are not active! Yes, you read that right! Send a message to your inactive users and offer them something valuable to tempt them to engage more. I was once an inactive user of brand24 and got a ‘thank you’ message from the company on their fifth anniversary. In this message, they offered me a 50% discount which actually made me upgrade my account. It was such a nice personalized touch. See below. 8. Write handwritten ‘thank you’ notes do

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