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The most typical scenario, such as getting. Off the subway station during the rush hour, and constantly. Dispatching between the subway station and Namibia Phone Number various buildings can meet the continuous user needs. Unexpected situations such as the car being ridden outside the service range and being. Put into the trash can also require special scheduling. At present, ofo is also carrying out scheduling. Ofo does scheduling when commuting. To and from get off work in places with small crowds such as zhongguancun. In contrast, municipal bicycles. In some cities have been more thorough in scheduling. After all, the parking pile mode will encounter. A situation where parking is impossible.

Requiring Staff to Namibia Phone Number

Mobilize the bicycles in each parking pile. For rental Namibia Phone Number bicycles, scheduling is not only more important. Than municipal bicycles, but can also use user data. To make better scheduling to improve efficiency . Imagine how many users are using bicycles every day. The app can obtain the user’s route. Parking location, and the Namibia Phone Number of parking spaces. In certain areas at different times, and then dig out the popular routes, which places need cars when, and when there are excess cars , and then proceed based on this. Systematic allocation scheduling. For systematic allocation and scheduling, virtual parking piles (such as various subway entrances) need to be established in the background, and locations with more cars and people are set, and then further data analysis and subsequent offline scheduling are performed according to these locations.

In the Early Namibia Phone Number

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Namibia phone number

Stage of scheduling, it will be carried out Namibia Phone Number in a small area, and then expanded to the entire large city area. User operation experience in the stages of car search and parking . This is a point that users are very concerned about. Currently ofo and mobike have different problems, which have been Namibia Phone Number mentioned above. First of all, users need to find a car. Whether it is looking for a car on the street or making an appointment after finding a car, it will affect the user’s time. Although the reservation function of mobike is good, i personally think that 15 hours is too wasteful. The second is the convenience of unlocking and locking the car.

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