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Personal computers to corporations as the  revolution took hold. That era is also a distant memory and we have moved into the future at such a fast pace that the new normal today is change. It means we need to be adapting and reinventing how we live and work.  Here are the 5 key insights that captured my attention and imagination at an event that attracted 170,000 attendees. Traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business first name * email * download now 1.

The 4th industrial revolution and the complexity of change this revolution. However, Can be summarised as “intelligence” as the scale of data and information needs decisions to be managed with technology. That extends and amplifies what it means to be human. The 8 key technologies that lie at the centre of this revolution are. The internet of things (iot) quantum computing robotics artificial intelligence (ai) nanotechnology autonomous. Vehicles biotech 3d printing the science for. All of these can be complex and overwhelming to the average person in the street. These technologies are also combinatorial and the impact of the intersection of these tech forces means that the pace of change is accelerating.

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That is a challenge to us as humans and as entrepreneurs and leaders. For more background to this complexity a book worth reading is “the fourth industrial revolution” by klaus schwab. 2. The rise of ai it is estimated that in just the last five years we have created as much data as the entire history of mankind. The scale of the data, its management and Luxembourg phone number complexity requires an enhancement to our human limitations. However, We need to use the power of ai to gain insights and create modelling that enables us to make better decisions. Additionally, customers are starting to expect it as part of service. Facebook, google, apple and amazon all have ai powered assistants that are evolving quickly. 

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Consumers will increasingly use digital personal assistants to interact with consumer services in the connected home. Using ai in marketing can be applied to but not limited to the following: customer satisfaction increasing engagement building smart and personalised experiences in one example, the us bank (the 5th largest bank in the usa) used “ai” to perform lead scoring of 4.5 million leads, which were analysed in just two hours. 

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The insights from applying the salesforce’s einstein platform also revealed that a mortgage owner is more likely to increase assets under management if they had a credit card. However,Human intelligence on its own would not have seen or even have discovered this link. This insight provided a 230% lift in lead conversion with the financial advisers at us bank. 3. The necessity for marketing technology word of mouth marketing is one of the oldest forms of promotion. The evolution of marketing has seen the addition of mass marketing and more recently digital

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