The One And A Half Meter Society

But once you have your affairs in order, you have fully informed your customers and everything is ready to deliver in the one and a half meter society, it is time to be externally focused again. In other words: focus on the customer. Right now it is Mexico WhatsApp Number List important that you understand what your customer thinks of your services and that you can act on this quickly. Many will have less turnover, because fewer customers will flow in. But you want to help the customers that are there as well as possible. This is positive for the long-term relationship.

And A Half Meter Society

After all, have you provided your customers with excellent service, while also adhering to the measures? Then you will be grateful and will not soon forget you. You thus increase customer loyalty. Track satisfaction scores in real time If you have insight into all your customer satisfaction, the biggest advantage is that you can compare your KPIs with the period before the corona crisis. This way you can see exactly whether your customers are more or less satisfied. By asking the right follow-up questions, you will also find out what exactly is the cause. Do the corona measures have this impact or is it something completely different? In both cases, by keeping track of this in real-time, you can immediately look for a solution.

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Half Meter Society

An example: is customer service overflowing with phone calls and are customers less satisfied as a result? Your NPS and CSAT have been declining since mid-March? Then the corona crisis will certainly have a negative effect. The next step is to take action. For example: answering frequently asked questions about corona that have already been answered in the funnel. This can be done with a message on your website or by referring to your FAQs. Perhaps even better: a chatbot! This may sound like an expensive investment, but luckily there are plenty of parties that you can start small with to solve your current problems.

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