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If you cater to the opposed audience group using appropriate marketing strategies and channels. You will definitely stand out from your competitors. Due to the fact that you are putting in efforts to entertain both groups. And also providing them with real value concerning quality products. Let’s put the two opposing audience groups into this effect.

 Getting traction with backlinks and controlling negative linking yes, negative linking inevitably happens in controversial business niches. Negative links are usually built by your competitors to decrease your search engine performance.  Let’s say I have been working in. A store that deals in waist trainers and have encountered this issue multiple times. 

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Every week, I may have found two to three links coming from high authority websites which have a decent crawl ratio. This may cause minor fluctuations in keyword rankings in the serps. As you can see in the above screenshot, the link was built on the website with. A domain authority of 81, and the anchor text was also incorrectly placed. These types of Latvia phone number links can be very harmful to your organic stability. It is important to track them on a weekly basis. So what are the possible causes of negative linking? Well, as mentioned, it could be for citation or referencing purposes. While this may sound strange, it actually happens. 

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When your website is ranking on the first page of google for a controversial product based keyword, then most of the opposite opinion believers want to link to your content just because of that. I extracted this result when my client got a link from a high authority website, as shown in the screenshot above. At the time, my client was ranking in the second or third position with regards to the keyword ‘waist trainer’, and I could not find any other reason except the one I just explained. An sql injection could also be a tactic used by your competitors just. To manipulate the search results of your website in a negative way. 

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Competitors can then spread those links on various irrelevant platforms to rank your brand for irrelevant keywords. This technique is common across all niches, regardless of how controversial they are. For those who are unaware of this black-hat practice, let me quote an example here which is not from a controversial website, but just for the sake of knowledge. Unfortunately, when you’re ranking well in the serps, then competitors will try to sabotage your efforts by building spam links, resulting in a reduction of rankings. Other ways to control negative link-building attempts: stay updated with all sorts of attacks on your website using google’s webmaster tool.

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