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But also to the specifics of your site: what am i writing about? On what topics do i have authority? You think would be of interest. To your audience and that you could successfully. Promote so that your readers can buy. Once you have done that, the actual affiliate promotion begins. You will place banners on your site that send visitors. To your affiliate partner Dominican Republic Phone Number or you can even create articles. Where you can talk about the promoted product. And insert the affiliate link.  Sponsored articles and the sale of backlinks. By this method of monetization. You sell to an advertiser the right to publish. On your site an article in which to promote his company. Or its products and to insert one or more links to his domain.

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Paid to present to your readers Dominican Republic Phone Number the product/business of the person who buys the article. The advantage for the buyer is that it is known to a new and quality audience. Through the sponsored article, the buyer receives visibility in the market and visits to his website. Also, through the link introduced in the article, he receives a certain authority in the eyes of google, which can allow him to improve his positions and organic traffic. Sponsored items are usually sold at a fixed rate and one of the basic conditions is to remain visible on your site, without changes, indefinitely. There are also several platforms here where publishers can sign up to offer sponsored and advertorial articles for sale.

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The moment in romania is, of course, white press . Conclusions there Dominican Republic Phone Number are several ways to monetize a website. In this article i have presented 3 of the most used. You can test all 3 of them and see how they work, no one stops you from using them all at the same time. As with many other things related to the internet, there is no pre-determined recommendation on how much space to give each one. You need to test and optimize until you find that optimal point, where you know that you generate maximum revenue without affecting the user experience. The good news is that there is a facebook group dedicated to monetizing sites and sharing best practices.

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