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Start mapping! This insight contributes to the way we fill in and adjust a customer journey map. In this case, this is done for the purpose of transforming. Your user into the person someone would like to be. During the customer journey. Products and services Lebanon WhatsApp Number List enable the user to achieve this transformation goal. Example: workout from Ikea Recently, Ikea has introduced the concept of ‘Sleep fitness’. The workout was developed in collaboration with OneFit. A platform that encourages you to work at home on a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Of The Website Demographic

With this, the concept connects to the transformation goal of many people to have a better night’s sleep. The concept is in line with Ikea’s vision to create a better everyday life for as many people as possible. And the workout is complementary to Ikea’s existing sleep products and services. But what if this concept does not serve to stimulate the sale of Ikea’s products, but becomes the new starting point for the ‘sleeping’ part of Ikea.

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The Website Demographic

Ambition to help as many people as possible to get a better night’s sleep. This ambition contributes to Ikea’s vision of helping as many people as possible to create a better everyday life for as many people as possible. The online video session thus becomes just one step that contributes to the realization of the transformation goal of Ikea’s target group. Namely people who need a better night’s sleep. Customer journey mapping with transformation as the goal As an organization, it can be attractive to act as a facilitator of transformation.

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