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Log in to your webmaster account and enable the email notification to receive alerts for all kinds of issues. Monitor your backlinks using different tools. I usually use ahrefs to perform this task. Keep an eye on the newly built backlinks. Using ahrefs, you can filter them by selecting ‘new backlinks. And even filter by ‘date’ as shown in the screenshot below. Then comes the ‘link disavow’ process. Compile all the toxic links from the tool you are using – it could either be ahrefs, monitorbacklink or any other. Create a disavow text file and submit it to google webmaster. 

Empowering your content strategy once you have disavowed all of your toxic backlinks, it is time to plot out your content strategy. An effective content strategy is a common practice across all niche types, but when it comes to controversial ones, you have to put in double the effort. That’s because you have to produce content for two opposing groups:  ‘advocates’ and ‘dissidents’. Content for the advocates to sustain the trust of the advocates, you need to keep producing content across various platforms. The benefit of marketing to this group is that the people in it are already in favor of your product or service. You just need to cater to them with quality content through media features, guest blogging, infographics and other media.

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 For the advocates, the inbound marketing methodology works within the conventional flow: the concept is to craft the right content for the right place and at the right time. As advocates are actual listeners, when you provide them with value, they will respect  Kuwait phone number your argument. Content for the dissidents for the dissidents, the flow slightly changes because, in the preliminary stages, a stranger is not willing to listen to you or is unaware of the benefits of the productservice you are selling. Hence, for controversial niches, I believe the inbound methodology cycle should look something like this: let’s proceed with the process to turn dissidents into conformists. 

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Again, you can never persuade all of the dissidents to agree with your argument. But a minor percentage of the group will definitely agree upon certain messages if the content provided is effective. The major focus in this process is to resolve the users’ issues regarding that particular product. Creating content based on interrogative keywords interrogative keywords refer to those queries in which users are willing to confirm an argument. 

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Proceeding with keyword research, sort the interrogative keywords in your niche and put them into a spreadsheet. You can see some examples of interrogative keywords in the screenshot below: your next task is to produce content around these keywords, for both your website’s blog and other relevant platforms. Start building quality links and generate some social engagement around it. The results may surprise you! Let’s take an example from the above keywords and see how the industry is actually working. I put the query ‘is it bad to eat spicy food while pregnant’ into google and found some results that perfectly prove the case and share valuable pieces of advice.

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