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The decision making power and person in charge of the product. Are actually the boss, and most product people are only responsible. For the execution level (this is not the case either). In-depth discussion, continue to return to the above) articles 1 and 2 are actually New Zealand Phone Number difficult to separate. So we discuss them together, so how to find the real demand? First of all, the demand comes from the person. In charge (or individual, or group) based on his own. Understanding of the target user and his own. Three-view cognition New Zealand Phone Number through step-by-step verification and attempts. To gradually prove that this is a real demand. So if you want to find the real demand. First of all, you must know enough about the target users.

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The ability to verify your own New Zealand Phone Number requirements. Decision-making power, or the ability to persuade decision-makers. Secondly, the demand cannot come directly. From research, but the data can verify whether the demand is true. When you finally find out the needs of your target users. It’s just the beginning. That’s continued satisfaction, focus on “long. In fact, most product people work. In this range, and more product people New Zealand Phone Number know what to do. You can do the following: continuously optimize. The product experience from the level of interaction and design. Promote product iteration, constantly pondering user needs. Two: operational level: target users continue. To use the product. When i was really in the entrepreneurial team.

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And operations, i slowly New Zealand Phone Number understood a few things. Many times, some trends or needs are obvious. But you can’t do it; the product has been made. The project has just begun, and operational. Capabilities and continuous New Zealand Phone Number iteration are critical. Pushing a product to target users is never easy. Even if the product really addresses their needs! The reason for the above is that you have to have appropriate. Channels and appropriate funds to let target users know. The existence of your product. So it is not possible for anyone to have users to verify the product. Take it for granted. For the vast majority of small startups. The establishment of operations and channels should be on the agenda early.

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