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However, the basic knowledge Romania Phone Number of economics. Currency and banking that i learned. When i was in school was not often used. But i forgot it, and felt panic for a while. Began to make up for it. While making up for it, i started to complete the company. Coverage work, drafted in-depth. Reports on the banking Romania Phone Number industry and individual stocks. Made models, and researched companies. These basic work almost occupied my entire 2012. Beginning in 2013, i had just completed the task of covering individual stocks. And the industry research work was gradually on the right track. At this time, the internet finance boom began.

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Of my views and experiences on Romania Phone Number internet finance with colleagues and clients. Colleagues and clients have encouraged me to do this research, while other colleagues have begun to publish relevant research reports. In june 2013, yu’e bao was born. Due to the high rate of return and the well-publicized alipay company, a large Romania Phone Number number of customers quickly obtained, and the balance increased rapidly. That was my misjudgment. I originally thought that yu’ebao itself is only a money market fund. If i can buy money market funds, i have already bought money market funds. Later i found out that i was wrong in two points.

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The “money shortage”, the rate of return was Romania Phone Number significantly higher than that of the original money market fund (the original fund held assets with lower rates of return, so the rate of return would not increase immediately), although only it is a little higher, but it also attracts a lot of funds. It turns out that ordinary Romania Phone Number people are highly sensitive to income; many people didn’t know that there a money market fund called this. Especially the second point, i made the preconceived mistake of thinking that everyone is like me and usually holds money market funds. Later, it was found that there were many people who did not know about money market funds, and they usually kept deposits.

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