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Important: how many images can the publisher put in the content or what kind of links does it allow? If you haven’t completed your offer details yet, make sure you do. Especially for you, i asked the people who work in the white press editorial office Turkey Phone Number to find out what questions customers ask every day. Here are the most popular of them: where exactly will the promotion appear on the home page? What happens to the article after a year? Will the publisher remove the links? How many images can i put in the content?

Is It Possible

To remove other ads, such as banners Turkey Phone Number around the article? Is it possible to delete comments? 5. Add an offer with a promotion in social networks if your site has a Facebook page or twitter profile, add it to your offer. This should be an offer with a promotion on the first page, created in order to reach the maximum number of customers. Of course, you can request a higher level of content quality or article with typical marketing content from your customer – in the end, it will be content that you promote to your readers. 6. Add an offer for the publication of press releases. The platform is used by individual advertisers, seo agencies, media houses and pr agencies. For the latter, it is important to publish their clients’ press releases.

Keep in Mind That

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This type of content Turkey Phone Number is often unavoidable. Add an offer by writing the article although many customers. Come to the platform with their own articles. Ready-made, and whitepress® offers content writing. Keep in mind that there is also a group of customers. Who prefer the article to be written by the publisher. Why? No one knows readers better than the publisher. He knows better how to present the topic to the interest of the readers. Writing an article by a person who creates content. For the portal is a guarantee that. It will be similar to the content of the publisher, it will not look like a “blocked ad”. The editor will not reject your own text.

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