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This way you can combine the data from the various sources that you use for a campaign in one handy overview. So imagine that you will soon start a campaign using LinkedIn, Google Ads, Mailchimp and a landing page. Then you can Netherlands WhatsApp Number List combine all data in one report. Linking resources is very simple: From the menu, select Source Manage Added Data Sources. Then click on ‘add data source’. Select the desired type. Now select the accounts or files you want to link and click on ‘connect’. All fields of the data source are displayed. Here you can make any changes. Isn’t that necessary? Then click on ‘Add to report.

Can Act On This Quickly

Congratulations, you’ve made your first pairing! 3. Add charts to your report To insert a diagram, click on ‘Add a diagram’ in the menu. Are you going for a table, scorecard, time series or maybe a geographical map? The choice is huge. If you’ve selected a chart, you’ll see the “Data” tab appear on the right. Here you can select a data source that you have previously added, or link a new data source. You can also select the dimension and statistics, determine how data should be sorted, over which period the data should be displayed, add filters and more.

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Also read: Grip on your SEO performance with a free dashboard in Google Data Studio Do you want to change the names of the dimension or statistics, for example, because you want to display them in Dutch? You can see how to do that in this video. 4. Apply filters Don’t want to show all data from a data source in a chart? Then Google Data Studio offers the possibility to create and apply a filter. To do this, click on a chart in your report and select the ‘Data’ tab on the right. If you scroll a little further down you will see in blue¬† add a filter’. Here you will find a number of preset filters.

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