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I can see that a lot of effort was spent on Uganda Phone Number filming and production. And it does match the personality and funny style. That young people like today, but the content has. No proposition and i don’t know what to express. What. For another example, why is it called a short video? Because the time is short. If your Uganda Phone Number video is only 3 minutes long, and you don’t get. To the point within 30 seconds and say a lot of nonsense. The exit rate of your video may be very high. No matter how good you are, not many people can read it. Planning is the beginning of a short video. And a good plan is related to whether the content. Of the entire short video is attractive enough .

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Be seen as the shell of short videos, while Uganda Phone Number planning is the soul of short videos. Whether the planned content does not conform to the user’s viewing habits, and whether it can impress the user’s psychology, these are directly Uganda Phone Number related to the popularity of your short video in the market. Some friends will say that my short video only meets my needs. The needs of the customer are good, but if the things you shoot can finally give the customer a good market data, is it possible to generate other cooperation and benefits? (there are many details about content planning.

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I won’t go into details, and i will share Uganda Phone Number a dry article on this point in the future)? In conclusion: content planning directly affects the popularity of your video, but the content planning mentioned here is Uganda Phone Number simply writing a story. Shooting and production are of course an indispensable point for a video. If there are good resources and teams, of course, it will have a great impact on the final quality. 2. How many short videos does the team produce in a week? Why do i bring this up here, because for a column that needs to be distributed through omni-channels, in theory, the more video content you publish.

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