Take Advantage of All the Targeting Features

Take advantage of all the targeting features just like facebook ads. Instagram offers a number of tools that help you create and target your ads. You can segment your campaigns by age, gender. Location, interests, consumer interests and many other characteristics. Which makes your ads even more efficient. Tip: learn more about investing in sponsored links ! 2. Show the backstage of your company as instagram is a. Social network focused on sharing images and videos, your strategy should. Be a little different from your profile on other social networks such as linkedin. A good alternative to create differentiated content is to show. A little of your company’s day to day, the process of creating. Your products and a little of your day to day work.

How to Use Instagram for Business?

In addition to making your company closer to your customers, it is another way to increase your credibility , since you are open to showing your “home” and the way you work. 3. Create VP Software Email List images with texts instagram can be used not only to post photos, but also images with short sentences, quick to read and attractive layout . Quotes from famous people, who are related to their market and are inspiring are excellent to encourage interaction with their followers. Tip: also read: how to manage your online reputation? But beware: do not use the image caption to repeat the posted sentence . Take the opportunity to invite the reader to interact with you. 4.

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Show the Backstage of Your Company

Use hashtags as with twitter and facebook, hashtags are excellent tools to increase the reach of your posts. With them you will be able to guarantee that your publication is found by other people quickly and considerably increasing the exposure of your publications. However, avoid using hashtags too many , or even if they are not used by the public. Use two or three hashtags per post and that are actually used by people. And now that you know instagram best practices for business, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice and reap the results. If you want to receive more tips like this, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. You will receive first-hand useful insights to transform your business!

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