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Of course, Ahrefs Rank Tracker supports most countries 187 and more. If you’re doing local SEO, you need a rank tracker with more accuracy so you can track rankings at the state, city, or zip code level — like Ahrefs Rank Tracker can language support If your site targets an area with more than one official common language, you will likely want to track rankings in multiple languages ​​within the area. Let’s say you run a restaurant in Barcelona. This city is in Catalonia, where according to Wikipedia there is a fairly even distribution of Spanish and Catalan speakers. If your restaurant’s website is available in both languages, as is the case in this example , you’ll probably want to track the rankings for both Spanish and Catalan searchers. Here’s how it works in Ahrefs.

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Rank Tracker Device Support Desktop Mobile Senegal phone number The ranking signals for desktop and mobile are not the same, so it’s not uncommon for desktop and mobile to rank differently. For example, desktop users tend to have faster internet connections than mobile users, so this can be a more important ranking factor for mobile users than for desktop users. In other words, if you have a slow site, it can impact mobile rankings more negatively than desktop rankings. Here are a few other things that can cause ranking discrepancies across devices Bad mobile friendliness More intrusive ads interstitials on one device than the other When you use Ahrefs Rank Tracker, you can easily switch between mobile and desktop rankings and check average positions across devices. SERP feature tracking.

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SERP features are non traditional search results like featured snippets and top stories carousels. Ranking in some of them can help you drive more traffic to your site. So it makes sense that you track their prominence for important keywords over time. Many rank trackers give you this option, such as Ahrefs’ rank tracker, which automatically tracks prominence and ownership of most SERP features for tracked keywords. Daily ranking updates Regular ranking updates are important to quickly spot potential issues as they arise. In Ahrefs Rank Tracker, the frequency of updates depends on your subscription. It is between one and seven days. BY THE WAY. Daily updates are available in Ahrefs Rank Tracker Pro. You can add it to any Ahrefs subscription. It also allows you to track up to 100,000 keywords.


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