Subjective Selection of 50 Names in the Industry

Additionally, mention from the very beginning that this. Whether it’s content marketing, social media. Seo, pr, market research, digital entrepreneurship, branding, bloggers. Trainers, digital creators or speakers. If you didn’t know these names yet. You certainly won’t regret adding them to your list of people. Our subjective list contains a Venezuela Phone Number introduction to each person. A link to their company (or part of it) and a linkedin profile. To make it easier for you to connect. After scrolling through the list, we look forward to your comments with other people. You follow who deserve to be mentioned in the article.

Founder of MTH Digital

Similarly, is country manager at answear. Founder of Venezuela Phone Number mth digital, co-organizer of gpec, speaker and trainer. With over 16 years of experience in digital marketing. And online business strategy. Raluca is an online marketing trainer at dallesgo and a consultant in the area of ​​online strategy and marketing for businesses in various fields, actively involved in growing and educating the market. Business in romania in terms of business digitalization. Additionally, is also the one who took care of the introduction.  business on the market and its expansion. He has also successfully led online teams and projects within naspers,

CEO & Online Marketing Trainer

Venezuela Phone Number List

Similarly, predict is chief executive officer Venezuela Phone Number at canopy digital. Similarly, online marketing trainer and speaker. He contributed to the development of the first online marketing tool. Additionally, by google ads and facebook ads in the eec. An experienced specialist in digital marketing. With a proven history of activity in the online media industry. Eugen believes that the discipline of athlete that he formed during his 9 years of polo helped him to develop his leadership skills, communication and good teammate. A graduate of the bucharest academy of economic studies, eugen predescu specializes in online marketing speaker,

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