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HTML of another facet like the blue one You can see the facets combine to create an entirely new URL to be crawled. Now consider all possible combinations of different filters. You can quickly see how crawling a site with facet issues would cause problems for a search engine. PageRank dilution Faceted navigation can also dilute the PageRank passed on to your site. That s because PageRank is divide by the total number of links on the page. This is a problem with facete navigation because a large number of facets creates many internal links. So PageRank isn t passe to important product or category pages, but rather to the links in your filters, which in most cases doesn t help improve search traffic. Feature Article Google PageRank Isn t Dead Why It Still Matters.

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How to spot problems with facete navigation There Azerbaijan Phone phone number are always obvious signs of problems with facete navigation; here are some steps to help you figure out if your filters might be affecting your SEO. 1. Start with a site search . It bundles the link signals of similar/duplicate pages into the URL you specify as the canonical page. The advantage? If you have links to a facete page, which is then canonicalize to the non-facete page, those link signals are not lost; the search engines redirect her to the category page, which can help her rank. Here s an example of how you can do thaLet s say this is your category page URLYour facete URLs work with parameters. So when someone applies some filters, the URL looks like thisn the facete.

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Way To Prevent Facete Pages From Being

URL above, you simply add a canonical tag that links back to the category page, so your canonical tag looks like this <link rel= canonical canonical While this may seem like an easy fix to a serious SEO problem, as always, there are a few potential problems. The biggest of which is that Google might ignore your canonical tag. This is simply because canonical tags are suggestions to search engines, not instructions. So if for some reason Google thinks you haven t implemente the tag correctly, it may be ignore. The most common reasons Google ignores canonical tag suggestions are The pages are not duplicates. If your facete pages change significantly when you apply a filter, Google will likely think they are not duplicates of each other.


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