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Then when they need a solution to their problem, your product is right up there. Do you have any questions? write to me on twitter . Risky Black Hat SEO Tactics You Should Avoid in 2021 And Their White Hat Alternatives Joshua Hardwick February 11, 2022 German avatar Joshua Hardwick Head of Content Ahrefs or, in simple terms, I m the guy who makes sure every blog post is EPIC . Share this article contents buy links keyword stuffing Spam in blog comments article spinning Negative SEO Rich snippets spam SEO is a fierce zero-sum war game. That s why some entrepreneurs resort to black hat tactics to oust their competitors from the top of the SERPs. While there are some black hat SEO tactics you absolutely shouldn t use, like hacking because it s illegal , others seem to be less risky.

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But even the ones that look like they re worth Japan phone number it aren t a good idea for reputable businesses — so avoid them at all costs. In this article, we ll review six common black hat SEO tactics and explain what you should be doing instead buy links keyword stuffing Spam in blog comments article spinning Negative SEO Rich snippets spam 1. Buy links Buying links means paying another website to link to your website. Payment for links can be money, goods, or services. Buying links is bad in a number of ways It s a violation of Google s Webmaster Guidelines. Google explains that here . It can lead to a Google penalty. Google will penalize your site if they catch you selling or buying links. Some SEOs doubt that Google s algorithm is that good at detecting paid links, but the truth is, it just keeps getting better.

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Even if not all links are recognized, it is likely that some purchased links will have no effect at best and hurt your rankings at worst. Paid links are expensive. According to our 2018 case study , they cost $361.44 on average. What should you do instead? Link.Outreach. This is where you create a valuable resource and then approach the owner of a website you want a link from and give them a compelling reason to link to that website. A good way to start with this approach is with the icing technique Create a useful resource. Find sites that will complement your resource. Offer your resource to the site operators. Let s look at an exampleLet s say you ve created a list of resume templates. This is a valuable resource, so the next step is to find sites that can complement your resource.

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