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Marketing. But today we have moved onto the next stage: intelligent marketing. Today the splintering and evolution of media, social networks and the rise of smartphones for the masses has moved the dial. That is why ai has become essential for savvy marketers. 4. The battle for marketing platform supremacy the number of marketing applications has passed 5,000 and the battle for consolidation and market share is now a reality. 

Marketing is no longer just an art but a science. Organisations need to manage multiple social networks, content and other marketing channels at scale. The linear sales funnel has become a marketing matrix. We need technology to handle a messy complicated buying journey. Marketing automation such as salesforce’s marketing cloud is a necessity. The only way to handle it at scale is to use tech and ai to make sense of the volumes of information and to perform industrial scale personalisation. Using intelligence in your marketing means that the path to powerful and smart marketing includes: 

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Knowing engaging personalising what were some of the results from applying “ai” and personalisation? It led to an improvement in roi by huge margins on conversions and sales by sometimes 500% to 1200%. 5. It is not just about technology in an insightful interview with the ceo of salesforce, marc benioff, ginni rometty, ceo of ibm touched on two big topics Lithuania phone number that resonated with me. The importance of using data for making better decisions. Technology can be used for good and evil. Ibm is building and betting the future of the company around data. Today only 20% of the world’s data is searchable and 80% is personal. The reality is that more data can lead to better decisions when you apply ai. Tech can be applied to do good or bad.

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 Quantum computing can be used to solve big problems and provide insights but can also be used to break any security. So companies need to take responsibility in the ethics of how they use tech, data and ai. The question we should always be asking is “just because you can build it, should you?” we need to remember that true success for companies, countries and individuals is not about technology. It is about the value it adds to humanity.Have you ever sat down and thought about how your business niche impacts your marketing strategy? Countless marketers operating in niche markets face this very issue on a daily basis. Specialized and unique products tend to require a different sort 

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The same goes for marketing agencies that work on multiple projects at the same time. Usually, they are working within versatile industries. Recently, the search engine journal polled twitter to find out how many vertical industries they serve. According to the results, 44% are serving various industries, 28% serve two to four vertical industries, and 28% serve just one vertical. However, the problem arises when the agencies are working on different verticals. They tend to follow a uniform strategy for all of their clients. 

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