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Many blog owners will give you login details that give you restricted access to their wordpress dashboard. They will expect you to upload and format the text of your article. They’ll usually ask you to send any images as a zip file and then they themselves will optimize the images and insert them into the article. Here’s a template for your delivery email: hi [name], thanks so much for this opportunity. I’ve just created a new post oitled ‘your guest post title’. It’s text only but I have marked with square brackets where the images need to go, 

Ve attached a word document containing a list of all the images and I’m attaching a zip file containing the images. Please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to do. Best regards, also, don’t forget about your author bio! Always end the email with an offer to help with any extra formatting. For example, the blog owner may want you to do internal linking from keywords in your article to their existing posts containing those same keywords. From your point of view, the author bio is the most important part of your guest post. It’s what converts your guest post from a valuable resource filled with useful tips into a list-building tool, a branding mechanism and a booster for your domain authority. 

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Look at other author bios on the target blog to see what tone and tense they’re written in. In general, these are the bare minimum criteria for a good author bio: keep it to only 50 words write in the 3rd person tell the reader what you do tell the reader Cyprus phone number how you can help them include a link to your website if possible, also include: a quirky detail about yourself your credentials a photo of yourself why the quirky detail? Because that’s probably the only thing your reader will remember. 

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Here are some examples: tying up loose ends I always end my guest posts with a line like this: ‘let me know how you go in the comments below. I’d love to hear your experiences with [technique discussed in your blog post].’ the number of comments an article attracts is a key metric that the google algorithm takes into account when ranking pages in its search results. For this reason, most blog owners will want you to respond to any comments on your guest post. You need to respond promptly, within a few hours if you can but definitely within 24 hours. 

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The faster you respond, the more comments the article will gather because readers will see that their comments are welcomed and engaged with. The tone you adopt in replying to comments is very important. Always: use the reader’s name thank the reader for their comment sign off by wishing them all the best with their endeavours (whatever the guest post was about). I usually try to mirror the original comment: if they leave a smiley, I do the same; if they’re upbeat, I try to be the same. Remember that many comments are not really about providing valuable information – they’re more about making contact and establishing relationships.

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