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If the pbn has avoided google’s blacklist for now. You may see an intermediate uptick in search rankings when they link to you. But the google crawlers and team are constantly on the lookout for these platforms. And if they get found out. Your site will too. So it’s best to avoid them. 5. Over-optimizing anchor text old habits die hard. The same stays true when it comes to optimizing your content for seo. A lot of businesses (and agencies) still tend to stuff their anchor text with keyword-rich terms when getting backlinks.

This practice is seen as “unnatural” by the google algorithm. The reason people do this is because the words used in anchor text used to influence the speed at which google’s crawlers would index the link. And subsequently give your linked page a rankings boost. Instead of trying to force keywords into your anchor text. Make sure that they flow naturally and are relevant to the content. For example. One study found that links with the full page title as the anchor text actually. Have the greatest influence on ranking. Like this: 15 critical reasons why your restaurant needs an seo strategy 6. Getting out-of-context links links are not created equal.

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A non-contextual link, for example, will look out of place and completely detached from the content. Since this link is not integrated with the content, people will perceive it as irrelevant. What is an “out-of-context” link? It can be a number of different things. But Kenya phone number put simply, if the link doesn’t naturally flow from the page and content it is coming from, as well as the anchor text, then it would be considered out of context. Out of context links bring no value to your audience or your business, and they can actually negatively affect your seo rankings. 7. 

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Participating in link exchanges a link exchange is when you deal directly with another website and agree to exchange links between each other. “you give me one and I’ll give you one”. While this may seem harmless on the surface, it is considered an unnatural link building tactic which can affect your rankings if you do it regularly. Google can recognize if there is a high number of transferred links between websites and will penalize them. The idea behind a link exchange might seem simple, but in reality, it can be extremely difficult to find a platform with a similar audience as your own and then convince them to partake in the exchange. Not to mention the flow on effect it can have on your seo performance. 

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It’s best to avoid this tactic and stay safe. 8. Using forums and blog commenting of course, forum or blog commenting isn’t exactly bad, as long as the comment is relevant to the thread and feels like a remark someone would genuinely make. But if you use this tactic just to promote your business and link to your products, webmasters will see it as spam and delete your inputs. Plus, the google algorithm has significantly devalued the importance of comment and forum links, so the effort needed to build these links is disproportionate to the outcome you will get

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