Try to Communicate Some Extra Benefits That Your Customers

A simple google search for the brand shows that delimano is running shopping and search campaigns. We notice that it does not communicate anything specific in the headlines of search campaigns, which could be an advantage for you and take Tunisia Phone Number advantage to communicate your benefits. However, we see that the ad has multiple advantages in the description part. On the shopping side, we notice that delimano also has discount products, marked with sale, which could be a disadvantage for you.

See Which Display Campaigns

Are running display campaigns Tunisia Phone Number are those online banners. That are displayed on the sites you visit. Take some time and do some research to see what kind of banners your competition is running with. What does the visual look like, what does it communicate? How could you do better? If you were an ifn, how would you communicate better? Maybe you would have changed the visual with a more anchored representation in the reality of those who need a loan? Or would you have reported other benefits? Always think about how you could do better. 3. Use tools one of the most used tools is similarweb, a platform through which you can do web analytics. Using such a tool, you will be able to obtain information such as the traffic volumes of competitors’ sites.

The Duration of a Site Visit,

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Pages visited in a single session, demographics, traffic sources. What keywords Tunisia Phone Number are bidding on paid campaigns. audience information and many other details that can help you know how to position yourself relative to your competitors and build a stronger strategy. In addition to similarweb, among the most popular such tools are ahrefs or semrush. 4. Follow them on social media enter their social channels and follow their activity. What does he post, how much does he post, what is the tone of the communication, how does the audience react and what does he react to best? Of course, you need to keep your identity and your own communication style, but see how you can adapt the successful posting format to your social media communication strategy.

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