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There are many different feed management tools available. Some options: Channable data feed watch EasyAds ProductsUP Adcurve Import of a .xml data feed into the feed management tool Channable. Import of an .xml data feed into the feed management tool Channable. 4. Create unique product fields that you can use dynamically The importance Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List of product information already emerged in the second rule of thumb. After all, the more product information you have available, the better you can help potential customers with their search.

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This means that you will have more fields in your data feed in which you can distinguish, for example, color, brand, size, material, weight and stock. Now comes the good news: you can also combine these fields so that you can, for example, compose relevant product titles for each unique product. In this way you can optimally organize the way in which a product is presented in your advertising channels. For example, consider a product title for each product that is structured as follow This can then be given a unique interpretation for each product in your data feed. 5. Enrich your feed with smart rules for a higher conversion By using smart rules you can greatly influence the efficiency of your data feed.

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This in turn can have a major impact on the return you achieve in the advertising channels you use. There are plenty of smart rules to enrich or optimize your feed. Some examples: Exclude all products in your feed with a margin of less than 10%. Easily add missing shipping costs for all products. Translating titles or descriptions for feeds in multiple languages. Add missing EAN codes by cleverly combining feeds with each other. Are there no dimensions with your products, but there is in the URL? You can easily filter this out via a smart rule. 6 Smart and Inspiring Feed Marketing Takeaways Now that you know the rules of thumb of a good data feed, it’s time to share some inspiring examples of smart applications in feed marketing.

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