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Of course we didn’t presume to know everything, which is why we added a question “ Are there any other roles and responsibilities you would like to add that are not on this list?” A few people have given more specific examples of tasks, but I think this answer from Jessica Levenson is worth highlighting “ Honestly, it’s a skillset. I want someone who is curious. They don’t have to have all the skills, but they have to be willing to learn and always be curious. Jessica Levenson jessica levenson, Head of Digital Strategy & SEO Oracle NetSuite skills and requirements In this section, we have presented hiring managers with 15 of the most common skills and requirements from SEO specialist job descriptions.

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We then asked them if these skills were very Malta phone number important, fairly important or not important to them if they were to hire an “SEO Specialist”. Here are the results. Interestingly, most if not all respondents could agree on soft skills attention to detail, data oriented mindset, communication or personal attitude e.g. passion for SEO and online marketing . As Jessica Levenson mentioned Talent comes before experience, that’s always my opinion. I can teach SEO to anyone provided they are willing and able. On the other hand, I can’t train difficult personalities or a lack of willingness to learn. Jessica Levenson jessica levenson, Head of Digital Strategy & SEO Oracle NetSuite Of course, that doesn’t mean that hard skills aren’t required. Respondents agreed that a good understanding of.

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SEO best practices, good knowledge of technical SEO, and experience in the SEO industry would be beneficial. Exactly how many years of experience are recruiters looking for? Most indicated a minimum of 2 years. In addition to years of experience in the industry, most respondents also prefer that their SEO specialist has experience using SEO tools. When asked what SEO tools they are exactly, they responded as follows Finally, most of them said that understanding coding is quite important. And here are the programming languages ​​they thought were important. Conclusion Expertise is important. However, as most respondents pointed out, personal attitude is even more important.


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